General Information
CBRN CoE Pilot Competition
  • ID CBRN_4
  • CBRN CoE Pilot Competition Concept Note and the Full Application
  • Start Date: 2 April 2019
  • Deadline: 7 April 2019 01:00

This pilot competition is organised as part of the EU CBRN CoE Initiative. Its aim is to strengthen the innovation potential and CBRN risks mitigation capacity in the SEEE Partner Countries. Participants have been invited to submit a project with market potential that will enhance capacity to respond to CBRN risks - in a win-win CBRN security partnership in the SEEE region countries.

The CBRN security paradigm is a “niche” area of international security, but it is also a domain to apply innovative technology-focused solutions aimed at reducing the risks of natural, accidental, or deliberate incidents involving CBRN materials and related processes, technologies and facilities.

N.B. The Applicants from Serbia, Montenegro and Georgia shall only submit the full application form and the financial forecast while the Applicants from Ukraine shall submit the concept note, full application and the financial forecast

The applicants who are submitting applications in the name of organisation should fill in the organisation tab given in the applicant's interface for those submitting application as an individual person should leave the organisation tab blank.


Documents for Information

  • General Information for Applicants
  • Guidelines for Applicants - Stage 1A for Ukraine
  • Documentation Stage 1A for Ukraine
  • Concept Note Scoring Table Stage 1A for Ukraine
  • Documentation Stage 1B for Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia and Ukraine
  • Selection Committee Scoring Table for Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia and Ukraine
  • Fact-Sheet on CBRN CoE Competition

Documents to be submitted

  • Application/Business Plan
  • Financial Forecast
  • Concept Note / Pitch Deck