WiFisher Took Part in Meeting of Black Smith Global LTD Investors

1 December 2017

In May, 2017, through the GITA’s Small Grant Program, the Start-up firm WiFisher took part in the annual investors’ meeting   of the private investment company Black Smith Global LTD. The meeting was held in the USA. The event mainly focused on acquaintance with businesses of rapidly developing and profitable Start-ups worldwide, with the view of future investment.   

At the above-mentioned meeting, representatives of  WiFisher - Nodar Ivanidze and Davit Khosroshvili updated the audience on their Start-up and its products.  WiFisher is a  Wi-Fi publicity platform, which permits the companies to place advertisements  in cafes, restaurants, airports, etc. by means of WiFi.

„Following negotiations ongoing over a several month period, at this meeting we received endorsement of the  Blacksmith Global on USD 0.5 million investment for extending business in other countries.  Currently, we are in the midst of negotiations concerning second stage investment by the year 2020,“ remarked Nodar Ivandze, Director of WiFisher.

The small grant also covered WiFisher representatives’ travel (air ticket) costs to the sum of GEL 2400.