General Information
Small Grants for Entrepreneurs
  • ID SGE_31
  • Small Grants for Businesses - Prototyping
  • Start Date: 10 December 2018
  • Deadline: 31 December 2018 00:01

Prototype grants are awarded for purposes of designing, testing and refining prototypes in the field of innovation and technology. The deliverable of the project should be application of new technologies or development of existing once, that can be marketed locally or globally.

The application should be submitted only in Georgian language.


Documents for Information

  • სსიპ საქართველოს ინოვაციების და ტექნოლოგიების სააგენტოს 2018 წლის 14 აგვისტოს N65-ს ბრძანებით დამტკიცებული 5000 ლარამდე გრანტის გაცემის წესი
  • Guidebook for Small Grants program

Documents to be submitted

  • Application/Business Plan
  • Budget Form-Prototyping
  • Registration document of Legal Entity
  • CV of applicant
  • CV-s of team members (if applicable)
  • Draft plan for prototype (if applicable)